How to Quarter Mark a Hunter, Riding Horse, Cob or Competition Horse

How to Quarter Mark a Hunter, Riding Horse, Cob or Competition Horse

Quarter Markings for Hunters, Hunter ponies, Riding Horses, Show Cobs, and competition horses are plainer and bolder than for the show ponies and hacks.  Two or three plain downward stripes on the quarters followed by Sharks Teeth will suffice, the number is dependent on the size of the horse or pony and the confirmation. The other common marking is creating a V design from the hip bone and top of the tail meeting at about the half way point depending on the horses conformation. 

How to create Hunter or V markings:

  1. Lightly wet one side of the hindquarters at a time with a water brush or sponge. Then apply a few squirts of Smart Grooming Quarter Marking gel and massage in.  
  1. Brush the hair on the quarters towards the tail and then use the Smart Grooming Hunter Comb – this is finely toothed metal comb that will give crisp defined lines. Comb down vertically using the whole width of the comb. Depending on the size of the quarters, you will need to put in either two, three or four downward stripes and again, you can either put them in very close together or space them out a bit (around an inch is about an average distance apart).
  1. Alternatively a V-shaped mark can also be brushed in and are good to emphasis the roundness on cobs and larger horses and create a simple but effective look.

Sharks Teeth

Once the quarter marks have been put in, then the final finish of shark’s teeth can be added down the flanks and second thigh.

To apply sharp lines, use the following guide:

  1. Damp down the hair on the flanks, with a damp sponge and then apply a few squirts of Smart Grooming Quarter Marking Gel. Work in well.

  2. Standing at the side, use the firm bristled Quarter Marking brush, and brush in an upwards direction, starting at the point of hip in an arch shape stroke. Once this is in place brush downwards starting at the same point. This will be the start of the shark’s teeth pattern.  The hair will now be lying in different directions which will be giving the flash type pattern on the outside of the quarters. Continue with the same size brush strokes brushing up to meet the last point down.  Repeat until you have three of four complete shark’s teeth.  Again, this will depend on the size of the animal as to how many you will want to put in. 
  1. For the final finish, use the Quarter Marking brush and starting at the top of the tail, brush down in a gentle arc down the quarter to create a sharp, defined finish.
  1. Spray all over with Quarter Marking spray to set and hold the patterns for the day.

Watch our sponsored rider, Katie Jerram apply Markings on a Riding Horse.

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