How to Quarter Mark a Show Pony or Hack

How to Quarter Mark a Show Pony or Hack

For these classes, the checkerboard (small squares) starting wide at the top and finishing in a point at the bottom (looks like an upside-down pyramid) is the correct quarter mark to use.  Finishing off with Sharks teeth stripes going down the flank and second thigh.

How to create the checkerboard marks:

Quarter Marking for Show Hack and Show Pony classes can require a little patience, as the chequer board finish on the quarters can take time.

  1. Dampen one side of the hindquarters at a time with a water brush or sponge. Then apply a few squirts of Smart Grooming Quarter Marking gel and massage in.   
  2. Using the Smart Grooming Quarter Marking brush, brush the coat in the direction of the tail.
  3. To create the upside-down pyramid shaped pattern, start on the left- or right-hand side at the top of the quarters and comb down using the narrow comb for a show pony, and the standard size comb for a hack.
  4. This is a repetitive exercise, leaving a comb width’s gap between each square.
  5. The starting width across the quarters will be dependent on the confirmation. But the top line will be the longest, decreasing by a square at either end as the chequer board goes down the quarters. Repeat until you finish with a single square at the bottom which should be in the middle!  It should look like an up turned pyramid!
  6. Spray over with Smart Grooming Quarter Marker Spray which will not only hold the marks in place all day but will mean you will also be able to take rugs on and off without having to re-do the quarter marks.
  7. Repeat the quarter marking procedure on the other side.


Sharks Teeth

Once the quarter marks have been put in, then the final finish of shark’s teeth can be added down the flanks and second thigh.

To apply sharp lines, use the following guide:

  1. Damp down the hair on the flanks, with a damp sponge and then apply a few squirts of Smart Grooming Quarter Marking Gel. Work in well.

  2. Standing at the side, use the firm bristled Quarter Marking brush, and brush in an upwards direction, starting at the point of hip in an arch shape stroke. Once this is in place brush downwards starting at the same point. This will be the start of the shark’s teeth pattern.  The hair will now be lying in different directions which will be giving the flash type pattern on the outside of the quarters. Continue with the same size brush strokes brushing up to meet the last point down.  Repeat until you have three of four complete shark’s teeth.  Again, this will depend on the size of the animal as to how many you will want to put in. 
  1. For the final finish, use the Quarter Marking brush and starting at the top of the tail, brush down in a gentle arc down the quarter to create a sharp, defined finish.
  1. Spray all over with Quarter Marking spray to set and hold the patterns for the day.

Watch our sponsored rider, Katie Jerram apply checkerboard marks at our Show Prep Clinic.

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