Quarter Marked Horse

Quarter Marks

Quarter marks are patterns which draw the eye to a good set of hind quarters. They are often seen on hacks, show ponies, riding horses and sometimes hunters, show hunter ponies and cobs. They are never used on mountain and moorland ponies, traditional cobs and native coloureds.

Although they are easy to create by brushing against the lie of the hair, you need to choose which design suits your horse and site the quarter marks correctly. For instance, whilst small squares are appropriate for a show pony or hack, they would look silly on a strapping hunter or cob; the latter would be suited by blocks and sharks teeth. Whatever design you use, experiment with the size and position. By choosing the right size and type of quarter marks, it can really enhance good hind quarters  or distract the eye from conformation issues too.

Advice -
Creating the perfect quarter marks, does take lots of practise to give a really sharp, eye catching finish. It is worth watching professionals and other exhibitors to make sure you are marking up correctly for the class you are exhibiting.

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