Whitening Wizardry

Whitening Wizardry

A magic whitening wand should be in the grooming kit of all white horse owners!  You can’t beat seeing a well turned out grey, but a grimy, stained one is not so attractive!

We have listened and learnt and have curated a selection of products to enable the whiteness to return in almost a flash.  You just need to know the lotions and potions to use and how to use them. So wave that magic wand, and here’s what you need in your kit to get those magic results!

Stained areas

For most stubborn stains, and especially if they have been left in the coat for a few days, damp the stained area with warm water, then apply the Polar White directly to the dirty area.  Massage with the Super Groomer to start to move the dirt.  Leave for a few minutes to continue to work its magic before rinsing off.

Apply Deep Purple Shampoo to the stain if there is any discolouration remaining, again massage the shampoo in with the Super Groomer and rinse off.

Body Washing

For a good all over shampoo to a coat that is just dirty but not necessarily stained, apply warm water all over with a shower or sponge.  Apply Deep Purple Shampoo all along the length of the horse and then massage the shampoo in well with the Super groomer, adding water as needed to give a good lather before rinsing off. 

Whitening tails

Poo and grass stains are challenging but yellow, urine stained tails can be even trickier.  Mares tend to have more of a problem in this department, with urine being absorbed into the tail hair.  If the tail is washed and conditioned at least once a week, this will keep on top of it and the natural colouring of the tail will remain.

If the tail has been left for a long time with little attention, it can be difficult to remove the staining in one session, but the following regime will in time get the tail back to the original colour.

Damp the tail, apply a generous amount of Polar White directly onto the stained areas.  Massage in well so that it becomes foamy.  Rinse with very warm water and then apply Deep Purple Shampoo.  Rub the shampoo in thoroughly and work into a lather.  Rinse off with very warm water.  Apply Polar White again and work in well, rinse off.  Shake out or spin the tail to remove excess water.

To get a bright white, silvery finish, dip the tail in a diluted solution of Super Blue. Keep the tail completely immersed for a couple of minutes before removing and rinsing off in warm water.

For the final finish apply Super Shine lotion and work in well before brushing out carefully.  By applying this lotion afterwards this will help prevent additional staining by creating a barrier between the dirt or urine and the tail hair. 

Whitening Legs

White socks and legs can really make an astonishing difference to the overall appearance and especially when in the show or competition arena.  The judge will not fail to notice a set of white legs strutting their stuff and this can sometimes distract attention from another area that may not be so good!

To get socks and upper areas of legs super white, damp the legs well first and then massage in Deep Purple Shampoo and rinse.  For any stubborn grass or other stains, apply Polar white to those areas, massage in and rinse off.  This will give you your white legs but for super white, then apply Leg and Body Whitening powder.  This chalk based powder can be applied directly to wet legs with a dedicated brush or sponge, or can be made into a water based paste and then applied with a paint brush.  Either way works well, but avoid putting it on too thickly, unless you have plenty of time to leave it to fully dry!

Once dry, brush off with a clean stiff brush and absolute whiteness will descend!  Be sure to bandage or cover the legs if travelling to event to keep them clean and dry. 


Let the magic commence!

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